About Kids N Company

About Kids N' Company
  • Education that goes
    beyond the classroom.

    We believe education is more than just the three R’s: reading, writing, and arithmetic.

    It should be a hands-on learning experience that is self-directed by the child and provides opportunities to stimulate creativity and development. Our goal is to provide a family-oriented atmosphere that combines education and play in order to foster your child’s curiosity and allow them to grow to their fullest potential.

  • We believe that investing
    in our children is the
    key to the future.

    That’s why we help them grow alongside nature in social environments.

    This setting challenges them to be themselves by exploring their surroundings, use their imagination and by constantly asking questions. 

  • Where it all began

    Owner Arletta Brown founded Kids N’ Company in 1993 and has 20+ years of childcare experience. She began her career in the corporate world, but after having children, she realized the lack of quality child care providers in the area. She left her job to start her own family child care business, and thus Kids N’ Company was born.

    After her own children were grown, Arletta was feeling burnt out and considered discontinuing her business. But, after attending a local Nature Explore workshop, Arletta was bitten by the nature bug and began incorporating an outdoor learning classroom design into Kids N’ Company. Her outdoor program has since taken off and flourished. Kids N’ Company continues to serve local families in an outdoor setting and provide young children with a fully developed educational experience.

  • Our Standards

    Kids N' Company holds itself to the highest educational standards, and our program is founded on 8 core pillars the define the skills we aim to instill in our children:
    • Creativity
    • Literacy
    • Social Interactions
    • Emotional growth
    • Cognitive development
    • Family involvement
    • Physical activity