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  • Here is a list of prices for each of our programs

    Summer Program: 
    • $22/day
      Price for 1 child
    • $38/day 2
      Price for 2 children


    Outdoor Program
    • $170/wk
       Price for 1 child
    • $295/wk
      Price for 2 children
    0-2 Year Old Care
    • $170/wk
    2-6 Year Old Care
    • $170/wk


    These prices include all supplies, equipment, field trip fees, and meals for your child during their time with Kids N Company.

    Kids N Company offers a flexible pay schedule that allows you to pay for your child’s care on a semesterly, monthly or weekly basis. We are willing to accommodate your financial needs and would be happy to discuss with you the best payment options for you and your family.

    To submit your next payment online, click HERE